Episode 35: Nearly Nine-Year Anniversary!

We’re back, you bastards! We’ll break your legs! (HOOOOONK) Nah, we won’t. Just a cheeky Phoenix Nights reference, innit. But speaking of cheeky, there’s a little surprise in this episode that might well appall and offend! But hey, what else are we here for? Chatting about films, I suppose, and that’s what we’ve primarily done – an old-school catch-up on stuff we’ve seen recently that deserves our (and your) attention, not to mention the usual trailer analysis and idiotic bants that has come to characterise our stupid little show. Enjoy!

SPECIAL: “Ghostbusters” commentary!

Hullo, us again! We’ve only done another commentary, this time for Ivan Reitman’s 80s classic, Ghostbusters. Have a listen to our thoughts and approach to the movie Hullo, us again! We’ve only done another commentary, this time for Ivan Reitman’s 80s classic, Ghostbusters. Have a listen to our thoughts and approach to the movie, its look, its style, its performers, its effects and its comedy. We love this movie and hope that comes across here! Cheers!

Episode 34: Back in Black

Yeah, you heard us. We’re back in black, mate. Well, black and very, very dark blue. You know, navy. I don’t – look, none of that matters. The fact is we’re done with horror, at cocking last, and we’re back to our usual business of discussing stuff we’ve recently seen and offering our perspectives on upcoming movies via the study of what Hollywood has been passing off as a “trailer” these days. We also have what can only be deemed our ultimate discussion of what it means to be “woke”. Yes, I know, that sounds quite shit, but it isn’t. It’s interesting, so shut up. Please don’t shut up. Listen to the podcast. Thanks. I’m not very good at writing these. Sorry. Bye. Sorry. Bye. Sorry.

Episode 33: 10s Horror

IT’S FINALLY OVER. Ken and Stu complete their 38 hour analysis of horror cinema with the truly wretched 10s, taking on remakes, legacy sequels and elevated horror in the process. Stu laments this woke world and takes things in all manner of, quite frankly, stupid directions, and Ken tries to bring him back on board to finish the job. Spoiler: He succeeds!

Episode 32: 00s Horror

We haven’t been looking forward to this, frankly. Not one another’s company – that’s an unending pleasure – but recording this podcast about noughties horror, which you’ll soon come to understand is shit. In fact, instead of listening to the episode, why not simply make a five-hour-long fart noise? As opposed to the ten-year-long fart noise that was 00s horror.

Yes, yes, Ken and Stu return with the penultimate instalment of their ill-advised foray into horror cinema with the years 2000-2009, a real sewer of a fucking decade. 9/11 happened, didn’t it? Awful. And these films, which were of course worse. Enjoy!

Episode 31: 90s Horror

Bleeding bastard hell, it’s been too long. After literal years of pandemic piss-taking, Ken and Stu are BACK and they’re here to give HORROR CINEMA the good, hard talking about that it needs. And also shagging it, somehow. Can you shag a concept? A conceptual shag. Hang on – I’m thinking of something – consumnate with a concept. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Consum-cept? Oh fuck off, I’m not here to amuse you. But Ken and Stu are! One of whom is me! Oh, this is so confusing!

Look. Look. Just listen to the episode, okay? It’s a classic KS barn-burning bastard. And there were kids inside!

Episode 27: Lockdown Catchup, Pt. 1

WHERE. HAVE. WE. BEEN? Oh, you know very well where we’ve been. Not sure if you noticed, genius, but there’s been a bloody, bleedin’ lockdown! Some sort of mad virus or summat!! Really, though, it’s a mystery. And we’re still not able to meet up to do proper podcast SESHES. Takes the piss really. But here we are again, brightening your feeds! With a new podcast! A short podcast! In which we talk about fuckin’ films! We’re going to try and do these on the reg until we can get back together again, grab some fajitas and settle in for a nine-hour record. 90s Horror will still be coming soon. For now though: this bollocks. We love and miss you!

Episode 26: 80s Horror

WHY IS IT SO LONG?? The question on the minds of every Ken & Stu listener, not to mention Ken & Stu themselves. But it is, as ever it shall be, longer than Ken’s (mind how you go – Ed). Anyroad, atop the main event continuing their in-depth (and how!) breakdown of a decade of horror, Ken & Stu review things they have seen recently, including that movie about the hedgehog! They also read letters from listeners and discuss trailers as usual. You know the drill! Get stuck in! There’s going to be a test!!

Episode 25: 70s Horror

BRITT EKLAND’S STUNT ARSE!! Ken and Stu are BACK (already!?) to bring the emotion in a thorough, thorough, THOROUGH examination of horror cinema’s most exciting decade – the 1970s! This one has it all! Laughter! Tears! The other things humans do! It’s also the longest episode ever at seven hours, seven minutes and seven seconds! Lucky 7s, am I right?

Episode 24: 60s Horror

ARRRGH! YAAARGH! It’s Episode 24 (christ!) of The Ken & Stu Show, and our first deep dive into a decade of horror! Yes, we’ll be covering the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s in upcoming podcasts! So if you don’t like horror… er… soz! Also our usual analysis of upcoming movies, incorporating Stu having a near-breakdown live on air and making Ken very uncomfortable! Oo-er!!

SPECIAL: “Avengers” commentary!

PUNY GOD! Ken and Stu have only gone and recorded an audio commentary for Marvel Studios’ inaugural team-a-me-bobs, “Avengers”! Or “Avengers Assemble” if British. Which we are. #AvengeBrexit

YES! IT IS OUT OF SYNC! We are aware of this, but we’re VERY NEW to recording commentaries! (In fact, if anyone can fix this for us, that would be very nice!) We have other deep dives coming up, but these won’t be in commentary form.

At any rate! Try to enjoy us enjoying Avengers!

Episode 22: Podcast War, Pt. 3: Endgame

WE… ARE… INEVITABLE! It’s The Ken and Stu Show! We’re back, and this time we’re putting the Marvel Cinematic Universe to bed. Yes, it’s our endgame. And it’s, erm, Endgame! Also, Stu massively misinterprets a joke from the original Avengers in an insanely racist way!! Why not give it a listen? It’ll be a SNAP! Ha ha!

Episode 21: Guilty Pleasures II

WHAT’S AN EDITOR?? The Ken and Stu Show Episode 21 is FIVE HOURS AND FIFTY-SIX MINUTES of pure, uncondensed GUILTY PLEASURE! And that’s appropriate, because we are in fact choosing twenty more of our own guilty pleasures of cinema! SEE! Just how far the “guilty pleasure” definition can stretch! GLEE! As Ken and Stu talk about Serious Issues with their trademark sensitivity (aka Stu says reprehensible things, then apologises). FREE! Your genitals from your underpants as Stu brings up the sexiest movie he’s ever seen!

Episode 20: Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas time! There are myriad reasons to be afraid! Ken and Stu’s ridiculously overlong podcast returns with a special Christmas-themed hodgepodge of holiday drivel!
THRILL to Ken and Stu’s discussion of upcoming movies we’re excited about! Become SHRILL over Stu’s uncanny ability to recognise the nude bodies of actors! Then DRILL into an hour-long discussion of Christmas classic movies as well as a few obscure favourites!
Also Ken receives a present from the listeners of the Ken and Stu Show!

Episode 19: Kingcast Chapter 1

You’ll float too! Or should I say you’ll float TWO! Because we’ve only uploaded TWO EPISODES AT ONCE! Yes, it’s a TWOFER! In which Ken and Stu FINALLY shoot the shit about Stephen King adaptations! It’s fu-KING long at three and a half hours! Totalling SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS OF PODCASTING GOODNESS IN ONE WEEKEND. WE’RE SO VERY TIRED!!!

Episode 16: JigThor


It’s “Jigthor”! The very first Ken and Stu Show Fan Event, or “KASSFE”! Also probably the last. Anyway, it’s got:

– Jigsaw!
– Thor: Ragnarok!
– Talking about upcoming movies!
– A genuine and sincere section reflecting on Weinstein and its ramifications!
– Also some jokes but not about that! Because, jesus!

Episode 13: Kevin Smith

SNOOCH TO THE NOOCH! SNOOGANS! KLAATU BARADA NIKTO! It’s The Ken and Stu Show Episode 13 in which we drone the hell on about every single film Kevin Smith ever directed!

EXPERIENCE! Me becoming genuinely incredulous with one of Ken’s bizarre opinions!

APPRECIATE! The effort Ken had to go through to watch twelve entire films by someone he absolutely despised!

SCHEDULE! All appointments as normal because this episode is scarcely over three hours!

Episode 12: The X-Files, Logan

OH BOLLOCCCCKS! It’s a new episode of The Ken and Stu Show, “The Podcast That’s Too Flipping Long”! This time we talk about FILMS WE’VE SEEN such as LOGAN and some others I FORGOT. Then we do a massive retrospective of the ENTIRE RUN of The X-Files, Stu’s favourite show in the world that doesn’t have a cartoon in it!

Episode 11: Pleasant Surprises, Bitter Disappointments

OH FLIPPING HELLLLL it’s Ken & Stu Show Episode 11! We’re taking a look at our most wonderful surprises in cinema history as well as our most bitter disappointments! It’s a little bit on the shorter side compared to our earlier casts, but we felt we were trending a little towards being self-indulgent and pfffft IT’S ALMOST FIVE HOURS. IT’S ALMOST FIVE EARTH HOURS.